Vote 1 Greens for real action on climate & cost of living

Where do the Greens and Ciara stand on local issues?

Development and Affordable Housing

  1. Ensure the NSW state government doesn’t override Council’s planning policies including around height limits.
  2. Stop further development flood plain and prime agriculture land, including Cudgen Connection and Gales Development.
  3. State government vastly increases the supply of public & social housing.
  4. New developments are required to have affordable housing.
  5. Implement a 30 Day Short-Term Accommodation Cap in Tweed

For more information on how The Greens plan to make housing affordable click here

Cost of Living Crisis

  1. Establish a coal levy, which will raise $7 billion dollars for a climate transformation fund to pay for buybacks, house raising, relocations etc.
  2. Establish a new government-owned electricity retailer, which will offer electricity prices without the excess charges or inflated margins.
  3. Help households get off gas with grants and zero-interest loans for replacing old polluting gas heating and hot water appliances with energy-efficient electric heat pumps and induction cooktops.
  4. Provide support for people to install solar panels on their homes and businesses.

For more information on how The Greens will tackle to the cost of living crisis click here

Healthcare and Social Support

  1. Implement the Nurses and Midwifery Associations requested patient to nurse staffing ratios
  2. Ensure that new Tweed Valley Hospital has required staffing
  3. 15% pay rise front line workers including nurses.
  4. Ensure that the old Tweed Valley Hospital stays as a public asset and is not sold off.
  5. Invest in public support services for domestic violence victims, people with addictions and the homeless.

For more information on how The Greens will rescue the NSW public health system click here

Conservation and Environment

  1. Increase Koala by extending the SEPP protection into Tweed Hinterland
  2. Stop native logging
  3. State support for recycling including stopping plastic going to landfill and our waterways
  4. Increased government support for weed control
  5. Against the environmentally-damaging commercial water mining

For more information on The Greens plan for conservation and the environment, click a link below


  1. Develop a new Pottsville High School at an appropriate site
  2. Stop the school mergers in Murwillumbah, and do not allow any school mergers to happen in Tweed
  3. Implement Greens policies for Free Public Education
  4. Provide 15% pay rise for teachers

For more information on how The Greens plan to make public education for everyone click here

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